Susan and Owen pur their trust in Timbercraft and as a result have a timeless kitchen that ofters everything they wanted and more.

The perfect kitchen begins with the perfect design and, with Timbercraft just down the road, these homeowners didn’t have far to go to find some expert advice.

Initially, with such a handy location, we popped into Timbercraft just to see what was on offer,’ says homeowner Susan. ‘The designs were very impressive, but we decided to have a look at other companies and see what the competition was offering, although, we soon came back to Timbercraft. They had the best designs, great craftsmanship and gave good value for money. Then when we met designer Mariana Mondini Aversa, who was so professional and understanding of our needs, we decided Timbercraft was right for us.’

‘Susan and Owen came to see us in April 2021 and explained what they were hoping to achieve,’ Mariana continues. ‘The brief was relatively simple, a contemporary kitchen, with clean lines, neutral colours and handleless doors. The clients trusted me to create a kitchen that was best suited to their room, in terms of functionality, layout and aesthetics.’ ‘I really wanted a modern, minimalist type of kitchen with a clean, sleek appearance, a lot of storage and a large island,’ adds Susan.

In recent years, the minimalist look has grown in popularity but the idea that ‘minimal’ means less is mistaken. Far from lacking anything, this kitchen is proof that ‘minimal’ simply means the perfect amount.

We decided to use handleless doors combined with a natural colour palette for the streamlined, modern appeal that our clients wanted,’ Mariana explains. ‘We also incorporated a natural oak finish to frame the hob and extractor.

The finished look, a bright, modern space with a beautiful sense of space, is stunning. The oak finish framing the hob is a lovely addition and adds an interesting detail, but the simplistic appearance is deceptive.

The biggest challenge of this project was paying attention to detail,’ explains Mariana. ‘The area over the hob required a lot of thought and planning. From the earliest stages in design to the final fitting, we had to ensure measurements were exact and correct. Seemingly little things, like the joining of materials had to be seamless and this too involved a lot intricate detailing. Personally, I feel we have succeeded in what we set out to do.’

The homeowners took Mariana’s advice onboard and appreciated her expertise and creativity.‘Mariana was great to work with. She was determined to get everything right, no detail was too small. We really appreciated her skill and clever ideas. She also challenged us to try some new things. For example, I did not want any wood effect in the design, but she persuaded us to introduce a little and she was right. It’s really beautiful.’ Trust in the designer is key to success and these homeowners had confidence in Timbercraft and Mariana.

Initially our clients wanted to incorporate an American style fridge‘, the designer shares. ‘But when they saw it featured in a design draft, they realised that aesthetically it wouldn’t work and changed their mind, opting for a full fridge and full freezer instead.’ Susan and Owen chose a variety of appliances, all designed for stylish looks and to reduce clutter. But among the principal brands, they opted for a Neff oven and Neff combi oven/microwave.

From the initial consultation on 15th April 2021 to completion in July of the same year, the project took just four months. ‘We really enjoyed working with Owen and Susan,’ Mariana adds. ‘I’m delighted that we were able to give them such a beautiful kitchen. The timeless quality ensures it’s always in vogue and adds to the longevity of the kitchen.’

‘Timbercraft has delivered what we wanted and more,’ says Susan. ‘It’s such a beautiful, clean, contemporary design and, although ‘minimalist’ it has everything we need, including our gorgeous island and lots of storage. I wouldn’t be able to choose a single standout feature. For me, it’s all perfect. I love turning the corner and seeing this gorgeous space. I couldn’t recommend Timbercraft enough. Not only did they give us the ideal kitchen, but they also provided an excellent aftercare service too.’