The Best fitted kitchens always include the best kitchen appliances. Timbercraft’s appliance partners provide you with everything you need to finish off your new kitchen.

Bosch stands for reliability, sustainability and well-engineered technologies.

Robert Bosch once said, “I have always acted according to the principle that I would rather lose money than trust. The integrity of my promises, the belief in the value of my products and of my word of honour have always had a higher priority to me than transitory profits.” That principle is still the foundation on which Bosch run their business and develop and build robust, high-quality appliances.

Let our home appliances help you turn your home into the place, where everything goes according to plan. Where you can leave the complexity of the world behind and just enjoy simple sophisticated solutions. Where everyday life is made easier by appliances, which are intuitive to use.

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At NEFF, we want people to enjoy cooking because we are passionate cooks ourselves.

NEFF is a brand dedicated to those who simply love cooking. Since 1877 it has been our mission to develop ideas which are exactly what enthusiastic cooks are looking for: Slide&Hide® – the disappearing oven door, CircoTherm® – NEFF’s special hot air system and TwistPad® – the removable, magnetic control knob for your cook top, for example, are ideal for everyone who enjoys creating great food together with family and friends. We are always looking for new ideas that will make cooking, baking, dish-washing and cooling easier – to ensure that passionate foodies enjoy their kitchens even more.

Cooking with enthusiasm is what identifies our brand – and has done so for 140 years.

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Future does not start in space but right at your home – the beginning of exciting possibilities. This is enabled by intelligent innovations and proven German engineering excellence in every of our appliances. Siemens technologies around connectivity and flexibility are best-in-class and responding to highest expectations. They contribute to the metropolitan way of living with architectural aesthetics and a timeless design. They create opportunities to enrich people’s lives with inspiring moments.

Siemens foresight enables them to continuously invent the future for improved quality of life in people’s homes which makes Siemens the number one brand in the German home appliances market and a worldwide market leader.

Siemens. The future moving in.

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With its award-winning cooktops and cooktop extractors, BORA is revolutionising the design and function of kitchens. Not only can you enjoy fresh air while cooking, but thanks to its innovative technology, BORA is also considerably quieter than conventional extractor hoods, easier to clean, more effective and sets the standards for a new kitchen architecture which focuses on users’ needs.

The tap that does it all.

A Quooker consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. There are various options. For convenience, go for a 3-in-1 tap or a separate boiling-water tap. Choose the tap that suits you best.