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Kitchen Designs That Work In All Spaces

Kitchen IdeasFebruary 7, 2020

Get everything you want for your kitchen, with a fraction of the space!

Some people seem to think that you can’t have the ‘perfect’ kitchen if the size of your room is on the smaller side.

We’re here to tell you how wrong that is!

So many people with cosy-sized kitchens and modern apartments are now discovering ways to make their kitchen dreams come true. Believe it or not, with the right planning and correct design approaches, you can have almost everything you would want from a giant kitchen, fitted into a small one.

Talking with a reputable custom kitchen supplier will open so many doors, drawers and cabinets for you. Your limited space can be utilised to comfortably fit what you want in style. So, what kind of design approaches are useful when dealing with limited space?

Speed – Ceramic Grey Reproduction

This Speed kitchen style features a ceramic design, tactical U-shape and alternative storage solutions.

Short distances, smart work sequences and cleverly structured storage space are the most important aspects of kitchen planning. Kitchens with a U-shape are often a good solution, especially for small floor plans. When there is perhaps less space, why not try a smart and integrated solution? If planned out correctly, you can comfortably fit quite a lot into a smaller space.

RIVA – Concrete Grey

This kitchen has everything a kitchen should – in a fraction of the space. Plenty of storage space thanks to XL base units, an integrated table solution and a gorgeous mix of materials using modern Dakota oak and glass fronts in black glass. The glass cabinet units “Flat” with ultra-narrow aluminium frame and Black glass lend the kitchen a modern, cosy flair. Well-thought-out interior organisation ensures that everything has an established place.

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Kitchens are always at the centre of life. They are at the heart of the home, a meeting place, a stage for life’s dramas and a round-the-clock restaurant! Because good kitchens have always been a matter of taste, Timbercraft’s kitchens can adapt to suit the demands of your everyday life.

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