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7 Ways You Can Keep Your Family Safe In The Kitchen

Kitchen IdeasFebruary 16, 2022
family time in the kitchen

A kitchen can be the hub of any home, and it’s common to find children playing in the space while their parents are cooking or baking. To keep your family safe, check out ways you can keep your family safe in the kitchen.

1) Countertop Selection

The type of countertop you choose will have a lot to do with what your kitchen is being used for. For example, if you’re spending time in your kitchen with children, you might want to choose a surface that’s as easy to clean as possible and won’t harbour bacteria. If it’s not something they use often (aside from snack time), granite might be a good choice.

2) Lighting

The kitchen is one of your main work spaces, so it’s important to have good lighting. Having one-setting lights in a kitchen with kids can be a safety hazard, as you may require different degrees of lighting depending on if you’re cooking or are having guests over. Little ones have a tendency to get into things and bump into stuff so you may need to quickly alter lighting. The solution? Install dimmer switches on all light fixtures, allowing you to adjust them depending on whether there are little ones around.

3) Temperature

Many kitchen burns occur because we don’t pay attention to temperature—either ours or that of our cooking surfaces. Whenever you’re handling hot oil, make sure your hands are dry, and if possible, wear oven mitts or heat-resistant gloves. Also be wary of liquids; never pour boiling water into a mug with a metal handle, for example.

4) Storage Cabinets

It’s a good idea to keep your kitchen storage cabinets up out of reach, so kids don’t have easy access to dangerous items. Install them high and out of arm’s reach; they should be installed 36-48 inches above your child’s head when standing at counter height. This will make it harder for children to get into cabinets where they could find utensils or oven mitts, but will still be easily accessed by adults.

5) Electrical Outlets

One of these ways you can keep your family safe is by making sure that all electrical outlets are protected by outlet covers. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets sense when electricity travels to ground and automatically shuts off, stopping any accident before it happens.

6) Handles and Knobs

Handles are easy to grasp, so they’re much safer than knobs. When your hands are full, it’s easier to accidentally bump or grab a knob when you mean to grab a handle. Knobs can cause nasty bangs and bruises, espeically for kids who may be running around the kitchen.  You can also try handleless doors for your cabinetry, which will make things even safer.

7) Layout & Design

If you can, try to design your kitchen around existing cabinets and countertops. This isn’t possible with every kitchen, so it may be time for a complete remodel if you’re serious about safety. For example, you may need a full upgrade to better quality materials and appliances. When it comes to building a family-friendly kitchen, quality is most important.

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