Tips For Designing Your Living room

The living room, also known as the family room, is most likely a place you spend a lot of your time in. This is a focal space in the home for people to relax in, as well as gather together.

Some homes have open space living areas that branch out from their kitchen and others have a dedicated room. Either way, we all need our own environment that suits our tastes and needs. Therefore, making your living room work for your lifestyle is fundamental for your home life.

Overall Layout of the room

It’s easy to get excited about the colour, printed cushions, and ornaments, but you need to take a step back look at the entire space first. Think about the size of your family and how many people are going to use the space. Where will the guests sit when they’re visiting? Plan where the entertainment systems will be, as they will often be focus points in your room. 

Space and Storage

It’s important to plan out your furniture in a way that people can connect with one another, while also being able to use the entertainment systems comfortably. Be smart with space, don’t forget that you need to get around the room without falling over a massive sofa! 

Speaking of space, remember to think about smart storage solutions. You can get so much more out of your living environment when things are decluttered and sensible. At Timbercraft, we have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to maximising and utilising space, as well as creating innovative storage solutions. Taking storage into consideration will make a world of difference for your home in general.


After all the planning about space, positioning and storage, this is the fun part. Now that the fundamentals are in place, you can get creative. What colours suit your tastes? Do you like things traditional, or a little wild? Maybe you can do both!

For example, while you could apply a classic colour palette for the sofa and walls, you could also go a bit eccentric with the texture and colour for the cushions and rugs. Maybe you could include a zesty lampshade or some exotic plants! Have fun with this part as it’s easy and affordable to make changes and updates every few years.

Talk to the Experts

At Timbercraft, we have years of experience in fitting high-quality, custom furniture. From the smallest detail to the consistent design of the individual rooms – as a market leader in the fitted kitchen sector, we have been developing high-quality system furniture that meets high individual planning standards for decades.

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