Steamy Kitchens this Christmas

If you want to steam your food and not your kitchen, Siemens have the answer!

Thinking of an easy way to steam your Christmas pudding, while retaining all the natural taste? Or perhaps you’re alternatively looking for a way of cooking healthier meals at home?

Timbercraft’s appliance partner Siemens offer ground-breaking new technology for kitchens of the future, while maintaining simplicity and usability. When mapping out our custom built German kitchen designs, we are happy to use the high-quality appliances that Siemens have to offer.

Siemens deliver both vertical and horizontal built-in ovens and steamers, perfect for the open space modern kitchens of Timbercraft. Products such as the iQ700 Single oven offer a fresh design that makes steaming efficient and simple.

Modern Steaming

Siemens produce cutting-edge, combi-steam ovens and compact steamers. This approach is unique in that your food retains vitamins and minerals, preserving the nutrition and great natural taste. This would be perfect for steaming a Christmas pudding!

Siemens provide both steam-ovens with fast working technology and compact steamers which are designed for delicious low fat and healthy eating. With healthy compact steamers from Siemens, vegetables also keep a nice crispy texture.

Additionally, Siemens appliances have TFT (Thin-film-transistor) Displays which provide the highest quality in readability for the owner. For example, Siemens TFT Touch Display Plus offers a user-friendly navigation display.


Working in the TFT Display, ‘cookControl Plus’ is an element that gives you easy options for preplanned cooking settings. ‘Bread’, ‘Roast-Beef’ and ‘Cake’ are just a few examples of the sophisticated options ‘cookControl Plus’ can offer in the TFT Display of Siemens products.

Siemens are constantly bringing new and innovative approaches to the world of high-quality appliances. It’s no wonder we at Timbercraft are proud to have Siemens as an appliance partner.

If you would like to see how we can design a kitchen with Siemens products for you, don’t hesitate in contacting us today!