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Living environments with character

The comfort of our home is one of the most important treasures we have in life, and for families, it’s a focal place that promises safety, a sense of well-being and togetherness. Here, we have the freedom to live our lives exactly the way we want. At Timbercraft, we think your living environment should also look and feel exactly the way you want. 

It’s 2022 and we have a brand new range of custom living room furniture. Our versatile and innovative furnishings are the perfect basis for creating something truly special, that will match your individual lifestyle. Our approach to custom-built home furnishings is ideally suited to your personal requirements and individual preferences. This is our ethos. Welcome home!

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Custom-Built Shelving Units

What turns a house into a home? The people who live there, and the way they furnish them. When family and guests enter your home, they first come through the entrance hall before they reach the rest of the space. Why not make this area a showcase for your visitors and for yourself, with an expertly designed, custom-built shelving unit?

Our pole-mounted shelving systems can be extended at will and become a true space miracle with cupboards, pull-outs, shelves and clothes rails. If you have a love of organisation and require a smart way to maximise your storage space for those who enter your household, it’s time to upgrade your home furniture design with Timbercraft.

  • Lacquered Laminate & Slate Grey Supermatt

  • Sierra Oak Reproduction

  • High Gloss Lacquer & Satin Grey

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If you want to have a good look at Timbercraft’s brand new range of 2022 custom living furniture, be sure to download our new 2022 brochure!

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