Spice Up Your Colours With Timbercraft Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. After a long day, there’s nothing better than catching up with loved ones in a place that reflects who you are. With the ever-increasing trend of open-plan kitchen spaces, people are hosting get-togethers, parties and socialising more in the kitchen.

Maybe you’re in the mood to spice up your kitchen with a fresh atmosphere. Instead of playing it safe, why not add some excitement with some adventurous colour-schemes?

In the past, we’ve spoken about the importance of colour contrast from a kitchen design perspective. Today we will have a look at some colour choices you could implement to your new kitchen for a little more flavour, using examples from our kitchen range.

High Gloss Focus Range

(Exciting Colours)

This modern, well-structured kitchen with lacquer fronts is visually striking yet practical for everyday living. The handles bring a whole new appeal to the uniform fronts. The kitchen also features a raised, built-in oven and modern wall units. Not only is the Focus style visually striking and practically rewarding, this style of kitchen is great for a family home.

Below we have variations of our ultra-high gloss kitchen range Focus, using expressive tones of warm red, cool green and pale orange for the walls, as well as bright yellow panels and cabinetry.

Supermatt Touch Range

(Relaxing Colours)

This kitchen style is great for smaller floor spaces and apartments, having been designed in accordance with ergonomic principles. If you want to make a statement with your kitchen but wish to retain a calming atmosphere, considering going for relaxing colour contrasts. Light and warm tones are in sync with current trends in interior design for this style of kitchen.

Accents of Aqua Supermatt for the cabinetry, contrast beautifully with light blue. Deep beige shades, blending with Ivory Supermatt, bring a certain natural flair to any space while creating a relaxed atmosphere. The Touch range showcases how you can instil a feeling of relaxation with colour choices, while also leaving your own personal touch in the space.

XENO Anthracite Ultra High Gloss


We have brilliant variations of Xeno kitchens with this Anthracite high gloss design. The accompanying adventurous colour scheme is for those who really truly want to create an exciting, fiery experience for their kitchen. This kitchen offers innovative storage solutions with ergonomic modern thinking in mind. The Xeno has an extensive range of accessories and kitchen technology.


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