Save 10% Off The Cost Of Your 2022 Kitchen By Ordering Before December 17th

Due to the rising costs of materials across Europe, many suppliers are implementing an increase in their prices, as high as 20% and 30%.

Our leading German supplier is increasing their costs by just 10% from the 1st of January 2022, but If you order before December 17th 2021, you will save 10% on your new Custom Kitchen with Timbercraft.

You’re welcome to visit us and discuss your new Custom Built German Kitchen with the experts. See below for more information on our kitchen ranges and how to make an appointment with Timbercraft.

Cottage Style

Maybe you would prefer something more traditional? Well, you can have your classic and still maintain all of the modern, ergonomic elements of a Custom German kitchen.  A growing trend today in high-quality kitchen design is to implement the classic with the modern. Some have dubbed it ‘cottage chic’.

While there is truth to this description, it doesn’t fully capture the beauty you can have in your home by mixing elements of the traditional classic kitchen with bold and modern efficiency.

Let’s meet!

We invite you to come to visit us and discuss your new Custom Built German Kitchen with the experts!

Our standard opening hours apply for scheduled visitors to our showrooms in Deansgrange, Dublin and Newbridge, Kildare.  If you would like to visit us, just fill out our quick appointment form here and then come say hello!

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