Planning your Kitchen this Summer but don’t know where to start?

Planning a new kitchen can be a lot of fun but at times it’s also a bit of a headache if you’re lacking in inspiration. Sometimes if we’re thinking about something for so long, it’s easy to feel like you’re out of ideas and starting to lose direction. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. At Timbercraft, we’re here to help!

Timbercraft has over forty years of experience in working with custom design kitchens and home living environments. If you’re looking for something to get those creative juices flowing, we have some great resources available for you.

Check Out The Timbercraft Interactive Online Magazine!

Timbercraft has an amazing interactive magazine! This is perfect if you’re staying in on a rainy Sunday, looking for kitchen ideas. We cover designer kitchen trends, colour-schemes and much more.

Why not try using our incredible colour combinations from the Color configurator and find out what works best for you? Use our interactive settings to find out how much Timbercraft storage can be comfortably packed into one space.

Make sure to take a look at our checklist for planning your kitchen

To help you get a clearer idea of the several important factors you should consider when planning for a kitchen, why not fill in this checklist together with your family or partner? You will have a better idea of all the details required and what your costs could be.

Kitchen Brochure

For the right inspiration and reliable information regarding all aspects of your future kitchen, check out our kitchen brochure!

Try Our Kitchen Configurator

If you’re looking for an interactive visual display to help you plan your kitchen, our Timbercraft Configurator is perfect for you! You can choose between different styles and colours in real time, allowing for you a visual representation of what you’re looking for. Feel one step closer to realising your dream kitchen!


If you’re interested in fleshing our your ideas in person with an expert, visit one of our showrooms today to discuss your dream kitchen. We will take care of the rest!

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Visit one of our showrooms today to discuss your dream kitchen. We will take care of the rest. Our Dublin showroom is based at Deansgrange Business Park Dublin. The Kildare showroom is located on Lower Cutlery Rd. Newbridge, Co.Kildare.