Colour and Contrast: Kitchen Ideas for 2019

Today we have some more design concepts that may give you a helping hand in planning a dream kitchen. Here are some more kitchen design ideas for 2019, from Timbercraft!

Colour Contrast


We have said before that paler and brighter colours provide a spacious and modern look, while darker colours are more synonymous with warmth and luxury. Why not combine these two great staples of kitchen design?

If you are a lover of white and grey cabinetry, consider using a majestic brown or even a rich, charcoal flooring. The light cabinets and fixtures will contrast beautifully. Award-winning kitchen designs often feature a nice mixture of bright ‘cool’ colours which are offset by a cosy ‘warm’ colour arrangement.

Handleless Kitchen Doors



If you’re thinking modern, cutting-edge kitchen design, it might be time to consider a handleless kitchen.

Handleless kitchen doors are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they provide a sleek and modern atmosphere to the room, giving you that minimalistic yet sophisticated style.

For a room that is often full of clutter, employing subtle calming features, such as handleless doors, will bring harmony to the kitchen space.


Built-in Appliances


Ovens, Fridges, Washing Machines and Steamers can all be fitted beautifully within your core design. Gone are the days when we might have to accept an out of place external appliance, tampering with the wonderful theme in our home kitchen. Now it is possible to have appliances seamlessly fitted within your kitchen design.

In addition to this, kitchen appliance technology in custom kitchen design has also come a long way.

Take a look at one of Neff’s brilliant cooktop ventilation systems!



Want to have an in-depth look for kitchen inspiration this Spring? Be sure to see this 2019 catalogue for more information.

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Please visit one of our showrooms today and discuss your dream kitchen. We will take care of the rest.