Modernise Your Kitchen For 2020

Kitchens have evolved from just being a solitary room where we prepare food, to expanding into the focal point of our homes. This is a growing trend, with more open-plan kicthens sharing space with the living room and new custom designs seamlessly fusing utility with comfort. Another way kitchens have changed for the better over time, is the availability we now have for amazing modern technologies.

Eat Smart With Modern Steaming

Siemens produces cutting-edge, combi-steam ovens and compact steamers. This approach is unique in that your food retains vitamins and minerals, preserving the nutrition and great natural taste.

Siemens provides both steam-ovens with fast working technology and compact steamers which are designed for delicious low fat and healthy eating. With healthy compact steamers from Siemens, vegetables also keep a nice crispy texture. Additionally, Siemens appliances have TFT (Thin-film-transistor) Displays which provide the highest quality in readability for the owner. For example, Siemens TFT Touch Display Plus offers a user-friendly navigation display.

Working in the TFT Display, ‘cookControl Plus’ is an element that gives you easy options for preplanned cooking settings. ‘Bread’, ‘Roast-Beef’ and ‘Cake’ are just a few examples of the sophisticated options ‘cookControl Plus’ can offer in the TFT Display of Siemens products.

Save Time With Self Cleaning Ovens

The Neff Slide&Hide is a revolutionary oven with two great features.

1.   This product comes with a door that neatly slips underneath the oven when opened, allowing for space and simplicity.

2.   Self-cleaning Pyrolytic Technology heats to high temperatures which convert spillages, grease and stains in the simple dust, without having to use any cleaning chemicals. This gives you more time to spend with the ones you love.

Get closer to your cooking!

Cooktop Ventilation

Neff offers cutting-edge worktop and cooktop technology. Innovative self-ventilating systems suck in steam from underneath pots and pans, giving you more headspace to breathe and relax.

There are many more great opportunities for implementing modern technologies into your kitchen. We recommend sitting down with the experts and discussing how you could go about having a custom made, tech-ready kitchen fitted for you.


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