L-Shaped Kitchens

In the past Timbercraft have shun light on the practical benefits of storage space. This week we are looking at classic ‘L-Shaped’ kitchens, which are more popular now than ever before.

With open space kitchens becoming more common place in family homes, there is often less space in the actual kitchen area. Kitchens need designated places for various purposes and this means that as a limited resource, space in your kitchen must be utilised.

The L-Shaped kitchen is a design approach which is both clever and classic, using countertops and islands to break up the room into different spaces.

Sometimes this approach can structured in such a way that people describe it as ‘T-Shaped’, depending on the arrangement.

In an L or T-Shaped kitchen, you can clearly define the zones you will need using the countertops and islands. Primarily you will want at least one zone for storage and dining, separating it from the preparation area. This avoids confusion for you, your family and your guests.

While this style of kitchen isn’t for absolutely everyone, there is no denying the classic and simple feel of an L-Shape kitchen and why so many people opt for the design.


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