Kitchen Ideas: StoneArt Kitchen Range

When done right, the décor grey slate reproduction creates a magnificent effect!

If you’re looking to find a style with a beautiful and functional contrast between modern industrial kitchen design and a welcoming home atmosphere, consider this StoneArt kitchen style.

StoneArt is a new range in laminate design that embodies the trend toward large-sized stone finishes. Thanks to its special three-dimensional surface, StoneArt turns the décor grey slate reproduction into a front with exceptional aesthetics and natural appearance.

The perfect match for this décor is upright panels and worktops in the new design Xtra. Flush mounted hot plates and sinks reinforce this modern, straightforward look.

Using high quality surfaces with shades of grey provides a fantastic colour foundation for a modern and elegant kitchen design. On the one hand, grey reminds us of modernity and sleek urban style, and on the other, it’s the colour of ancient volcanic stone and represents a connection to nature. In combination with the warm wood hues, this creates a cosy at-home feeling.

So if you’re looking for a healthy mix of new chic design, but also wish to retain an earthy, rich kitchen tone, this StoneArt modern twist might be the option for you!


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