Kitchen Ideas For Smaller Spaces

Some people may live in luxurious mansions, or upmarket, chic city apartments, provided with seemingly endless room to expand their kitchens. The majority of us, however, will not have as much kitchen space!

What we do have though, is the opportunity to make our kitchens as beautiful and spacious as possible within the space we have to work with. When done right, smaller kitchen spaces can offer a rich and cosy charm to your home, unique to those living in it, which is much harder to achieve in a larger room.

Believe it or not, you can even make your kitchen feel larger than it actually is if you put some thought into it. Today, Timbercraft looks at just some of the ways you can get the most out of your kitchen space.

Lighten up & brighten up

Bright colours and whites in particular, are the perfect shades to create a sense of  visual depth and space to a smaller kitchen. Darker colour-schemes shades can have the opposite effect on a small room, drawing things in and making the space feel stuffy and tight. We advise you to avoid overdoing it with darker shades if you have a small kitchen.

Using beautiful light shades across your cabinetry, walls, floors or surfaces, can all have a lasting effect that will manifest a spacious feeling for those who enter.

Height is your friend

If you have a small kitchen and you’re planning to renovate, vertical height is going to be extremely helpful. Higher cabinetry will declutter the lower areas, so you can fit in appliances and everything you need, while still maintaining a relatively spacious room.

Innovative Storage Space

If you’re routinely clearing out rubbish and have already made use your of available space, but still find that the place is like wild a jungle, then it’s time to talk to an expert. Modern kitchen approaches enable creative ways to maximise storage, even in smaller kitchens.

There are many unique and beautiful variations you can incorporate and combine into your own kitchen.

When it comes to maximising kitchen space, Timbercraft has years of experience and professional expertise. As we offer the best designs and fitted solutions, we are always making sure to work with styles from the latest and best interior design industry trends.


At Timbercraft, we pride ourselves on excellence and tailor our projects to suit the individual styles you’re looking for.

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