The Best Quality Furniture From Nobilia At Timbercraft!

What turns a house into a home? The people who live there, of course, but also the way they furnish the home. Timbercraft is Ireland’s leading representative of Nobilia German furniture design. From the smallest detail to the overall consistent design – as a market leader in the fitted kitchen sector, Nobilia has been developing high-quality furniture which has met Timbercraft’s standards for decades.

For us, the high standards of quality and usability from Nobilia are perfect for what we deliver for our customers in Ireland, and we do it with great success! The result is that Timbercraft and Nobilia combine kitchen, living, and dining into one living space in a holistic way for your home!

If you’re looking to upscale your home with high functionality, comfort and style, we offer beautiful, custom design furniture.

Bathroom Innovations

A bathroom is always a special room. It is a place of retreat, an oasis of well-being, and a very personal space.

To help you make it your very own, Timbercraft supply high-quality Nobilia bathroom furniture that has been inspired by nature or current trends in interior design.

Whether it’s a warm wood look, high-quality slate, modern concrete, or high gloss and matt surfaces: we offer aesthetically pleasing Nobilia designs that can be individually combined to suit any requirements. So you can really enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom.

Living Environments

For families, the day is always full of movement, even at home. Not only do children play here, but this is where life plays out.

So it can only be a good thing if the furniture is designed with this understanding in mind and can cope with everything that’s thrown at it day and night. Welcome home!

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