Timbercraft Offers High Quality Custom Bathroom Innovations

When you have a custom-built, designer bathroom, you start your days feeling fresh in this invigorating environment and in the evenings, the space becomes an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

At Timbercraft, our home furniture is inspired by the pleasant rituals of our day to day lives and our individual of needs. Whether it’s a warm wood look, high-quality slate, modern concrete or high gloss and matt surfaces: we offer aesthetically pleasing designs that can be individually combined to suit any requirements. So you can really enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom.

We offer aesthetically pleasing designs that can be individually combined to turn every bathroom into a special place.

High Gloss

By using shiny surfaces, you can achieve a beautiful, high quality look in your bathroom and at the same time you will make it appear larger.

Lux / Flash

  • LUX 817 Lacquer, alpine white high gloss

  • FLASH 455 Lacquered laminate, satin grey high gloss

Lacquered laminate


While high gloss elements create a very modern atmosphere, the country house style provides more cosiness in the bathroom. Beautiful details such as runners, special handles or variations in shape are also what make the difference here.

  • 772 Lacquered laminate, stone grey

There are many unique and beautiful variations you can incorporate and combine into your own bathroom. There’s never been a better time to start thinking about what styles speak to you!

When it comes to furnishing bathrooms, Timbercraft has years of experience and professional expertise. As we offer the best designs and fitted solutions, we are always making sure to work with styles from the latest and best interior design industry trends.

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