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Bathroom innovations at Timbercraft

Is there any better feeling than starting the day feeling fresh? If the bathroom is an invigorating place in the morning, that you leave full of energy, in the evening it becomes an oasis of relaxation and well-being. Here, we can take a deep breath in peace and start our day the way we want to.

At Timbercraft, our bathroom furniture is inspired by these pleasant rituals. It follows the rhythm of the day and fulfils even the most individual of demands. This is why the best custom-built furniture inspired by life.

Bathrooms made personal

Are you a fast-paced go-getter or an easy-going wellness fan? We have bathrooms to suit your personality, with aesthetically pleasing custom designs, smart functionality and a combination of possibilities that suit any size of room. Close the door and enjoy your own personal wellness programme at home. These moments can make every single day feel a bit special.

With a custom-built bathroom, you can truly recharge your batteries. The right bathroom will delight you every single day with its simple versatility and beautiful look. Practical in everyday life.


Our range of high-quality bathroom furniture offers complete freedom in terms of design and different stylistic combinations. You can choose your bathroom from four current lifestyle trends or even combine them. After all, this is all about you.

There are many unique and beautiful variations you can incorporate and combine into your own bathroom. There’s never been a better time to start thinking about what styles speak to you!

When it comes to furnishing bathrooms, Timbercraft has years of experience and professional expertise. As we offer the best designs and fitted solutions, we are always making sure to work with styles from the latest and best interior design industry trends.

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