Beautiful Handleless Kitchen Styles

The best modern kitchen designs have a spacious feel despite their size, with a fresh, minimalist feel throughout the space. This will mean having a kitchen with precise and defined countertops, a colour scheme that creates a feeling of larger space and modern handles for your cabinetry. Modern kitchens are perfect for someone with a young family. Efficiency, space and cutting edge technology relieve you from clutter and restriction.

At Timbercraft, we love to work with the best in high-quality, contemporary door styles when fitting your German Custom kitchens. As a result, we have an extensive range of designer styles for you to choose from. One of the most popular trends in recent years with modern kitchens is handleless doors, so today we’re taking a look at this beautiful selection of handleless door styles from our LINE N range.


Alpine White Matt / Satin Grey Matt / Lacquer Honed White 

  • FASHION 168 - Alpine White Matt

  • FASHION 171 - Satin Grey Matt

  • FASHION 173 - Lacquer Honed White

Clear Shapes

For years we have been raising the bar on stylish and trend-oriented kitchen design with our handleless LINE N range. In conjunction with fronts in popular solid colours or wood décors, or matt or high gloss – the fine lines of this front design always express quintessential modernity and sleek elegance.

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