Get the most out of your Kitchen Space – Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen can end up appearing cluttered, cramped and restricted if you let it. As we have stated before, using elements such as bright colours can certainly bring a spacious feel to your kitchen. However, if your kitchen is not adequately utilising storage, no colour scheme will solve the problem. Today we have a few simple ideas of how you can free up some extra space and make the most of your kitchen storage.

Look up!

Let’s begin with the obvious. Most people have extra space above their fridges and cabinetry. If you are trying to find a place to store extra utensils or an ornamental vase, placing it above your fridge might do the trick. 

If you’re searching to find the space to tastefully store wine for instance, then why not place a mini wine-shelf on top of an unused fridge or cabinet surface? You might currently have a growing pile of special offer coupons, flyers, letters and magazines occupying these spaces, but consider clearing the way for a better and happier solution. This brings us to the next idea.

Just get rid of it

Without realising it, we sometimes fill up our cabinets, presses and drawers to the brim with things we could certainly do without. Often there is simply too much in terms of cutlery, utensils and the contents of your cabinets. Getting rid of anything you won’t need or miss will immediately begin to declutter your kitchen. 

Once you have removed unnecessary old pots, unnecessary spoons and outdated cooking ingredients, there may however still be a lack of space for the sections of your kitchen that matter. What if you need certain items for the kitchen, but you still can’t seem to find the space, even after getting rid of the clutter?

Invest in Professional Kitchen Storage Solutions

If you have cleared out the rubbish and made use of your kitchen’s space, but still find that the room is like a jungle, then it’s time to ask an expert. Modern kitchen approaches enable creative ways to maximise storage, even in smaller kitchens.

For example, below we can see how the right kind of design expertise can make incredible use of a small space.


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