Fresh Modern Style – Kitchen Design Ideas

The main characteristics of modern kitchen design are to have a spacious, fresh, crisp and minimalist approach throughout your kitchen. This will mean having a kitchen with precise and defined countertops, modern handles for cabinetry and a colour scheme that creates a feeling of larger space. Modern kitchens are perfect for someone with a young family. Efficiency, space and cutting edge technology relieve you from clutter and restriction. 

Colours and Lighting

The last thing we want in a modern kitchen is to feel stuffed-in. Some people enjoy the look of a having one single bright colour running throughout their kitchen however many people seek to find a beautiful contrast of colour. In order to have a sleek and spacious feel within your modern kitchen, consider making at least one of the contrasting colour tones brighter and lighter. Lighter colours create the impression of having more space to work and breathe in. This means that instead of having a mix of rich wooden brown and warm earthy red, for example, your kitchen would have at least one of those darker colours replaced by a disarming white, beige or light grey. If we have dark fixtures, a bright colour flooring will provide a spacious modern contrast that works wonders. The key is to compliment a darker element with a brighter one in the modern kitchen, be it with cabinetry and countertops or with flooring. 

A beautiful and complementary element to work in tandem with this approach is to use modern lighting. This is sometimes referred to as ‘recessed lighting’, which basically means that your kitchen will have strategic lighting placed within the fixtures of the room. Just like brighter colours, bright lights make a space feel larger. While this subtle and efficient approach works for many people, you could also try having at least one strong hanging light over your countertop surface, perhaps with a bold industrial/metallic shade. 

Handles and Appliances

There is no one definitive style of modern kitchen cabinetry and of course, everyone has their own personal tastes. For example, handleless cabinets are often considered by some to be a staple of the modern kitchen. However, there are many ways to have a sleek modern aesthetic to your cabinetry while still retaining handles, which will be demonstrated below.

Built-in appliances are a great way to embrace a modern and glossy feel in the kitchen. We recommend top brands such as Bosch, NEFF and Siemens for cutting edge technology with a beautiful design.

To show you the diversity of modern kitchens, here we have examples of two different modern kitchen designs. One kitchen has bright colour with handleless cabinetry and the second, a darker and more industrial colour scheme with handles. You will see that the first style showcases subtle built-in lighting, while the second illustrates the low hanging metallic light. These are also an example of how to contrast colour with flooring and cabinetry. 

PURA – white high gloss

This handleless lacquer kitchen with restrained colour accents was designed for a young family. Touches of colour in Fern were used with furniture components from our COLOR CONCEPT. The wall-mounted cooker hood was designed as a “headroom solution” and blends in harmoniously to the overall concept with its white glass screen.

TOUCH – black supermatt

Light, earthy and warm tones are in sync with current trends in interior design. Even in urban surroundings, they bring a certain natural flair to any flat, and create a relaxed atmosphere in rooms. 

As we can see, there is more than one way to give your kitchen that chic modern look. That’s where you come in. What style do you prefer?


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