Check Out The Beautiful Fjord Blue Kitchen From Our EASY TOUCH Range!

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. After a long day, there’s nothing better than catching up with loved ones in a place that reflects who you and your family are. Because kitchens have always been a matter of taste, it’s always been of utmost importance for Timbercraft’s Custom Built German Kitchens, that we can adapt to suit the demands of your everyday life.

This year, Timbercraft has a brand new range of Custom Built German Kitchens, which incorporates fresh new designs and all the latest functional solutions. One of the most popular kitchen ranges in 2022 is the EASY TOUCH, particularly our beautiful and slick Green and Blue models. Why not discover our EASY TOUCH kitchen range and get inspiration for your own kitchen in 2022? Today, we’re taking a look at one of our personal favourites, as well as an extremely popular kitchen this year; the elegant 966 Fjord Blue!

966 Fjord Blue

Lacquered laminate, Fjord Blue ultra matt

Our new Fjord Blue unfolds its true qualities in combination with light uni-coloured surfaces and wood. This dark blue hue looks particularly classy when combined with gold-coloured elements.

This kitchen features a matching surround of upright panels, bevelled shelf units and plinths, as well as lovely LINE N recessed gold-coloured handles.


Ultra matt with PP edging on all sides 

• Extremely resilient 

• Outstanding care properties thanks to innovative anti-fingerprint coating 

• Wear-resistant and highly cross-linked functional layer 

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Discover our EASY TOUCH kitchen range and get inspiration for your own kitchen in 2022!

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