Classic and Modern: Timbercraft Kitchen Ideas

A growing trend today in high-quality kitchen design is to implement the classic with the modern. Some have dubbed it ‘cottage chic’.  While there is truth to this description, it doesn’t fully capture the beauty you can have in your home by mixing elements of the traditional classic kitchen with bold and modern efficiency. 

If you’re looking to make some small changes here and there, plants can give your space an earthy and authentic atmosphere. Adding shrubbery into your kitchen can certainly give off that warm, country garden feel, which can complement the structure of a sleek and more metallic-appearing kitchen.

Wooden utensils and chopping boards are also a nice way to enlist an ‘aged’ sense of the kitchen space, within a modern sleek design. While plants, flowers and wooden kitchen utensils are a short-term method, there are ways to fully and authentically blend the ‘classic/modern’ theme into the makeup of your kitchen design.

Similar to last week’s blog, this theme is best implemented with contrast. Using rich oak cabinetry, for example, and then having a more sleek and industrial surface on top can bring about a beautiful sense of efficiency within the warmth of a homely atmosphere. This method of a contrasting design in cabinetry and surfaces can also be wonderfully implemented in reverse, by having bright wooden surfaces and a darker modern section of cabinets. 

Here are some great examples of kitchen styles that mix traditional and modern design.


Alpine White Matt / Lacquer, Honed Ivory / Lacquer, Honed Black

Passion for beautiful things.

The classic contours of the high-quality matt lacquer fronts impart a sleek elegance to the kitchen. The contrast between contemporary architecture and cottage style kitchens could hardly be larger and yet, is currently right on trend. The traditional cottage style presentation discreetly stays in the background of this sample kitchen, while elements of modern industrial design take centre stage.


Virginia Oak

Natural flair.

A composition for genuine classic connoisseurs, whereby everything has been thought of and nothing is missing: with an ingeniously designed dining area, an island solution, the tall units and activity surfaces cleverly divided/grouped, as well as plenty of storage space in base units and highboards. These framed fronts conjure up a delightful cooking and living atmosphere in every room.


Want to have an in-depth look for kitchen inspiration this Spring? Be sure to see this 2019 catalogue for more information.

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Please visit one of our showrooms today and discuss your dream kitchen. We will take care of the rest.