It’s Time To Check Out The New 2022 Kitchen Range!

Timbercraft has over forty years of experience in fitting high-quality custom kitchens. For us, high quality is all about the perfect interplay of design and function. This year discover the possibilities and inspirations that match your lifestyle, with our new range of 2022 Custom Built German kitchens!

Download Our 2022 Kitchen Catalogue!

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home. After a long day, there’s nothing better than catching up with loved ones in a place that reflects who you and your family are. Explore ideas that combine kitchen, living and dining into one living space. Get your copy of Timbercraft's 2022 kitchen catalogue now!

Save 10% Off The Cost Of Your 2022 Kitchen By Ordering Before December 17th

Our leading German supplier is increasing their costs by just 10% from the 1st of January 2022, but If you order before December 17th 2021, you will save 10% on your new Custom Kitchen with Timbercraft. You’re welcome to visit us and discuss your new Custom Built German Kitchen with the experts.

Safety, Space and Style: Why You Should Consider A Kitchen Makeover

Do you need a kitchen makeover? Today Timbercraft German Kitchens Dublin and Kildare gives you some signs to look out for in your own kitchen.

Kitchen Ideas For Smaller Spaces

In our latest blog, we offer kitchen ideas for small kitchens. When it comes to maximising kitchen space, Timbercraft has years of experience and expertise. Believe it or not, you can even make your kitchen feel larger than it actually is if you put some thought into it.

‘Industrial Chic’ Kitchen Ideas From Timbercraft

At Timbercraft, people are at the heart of everything we do. We have a new range of high quality, designer kitchens this year and today we’re taking a look at 'Industrial Chic'!

Planning For A New Kitchen? Simplify Things With Our ‘Kitchen Checklist’

Everyone’s life is different and so are their tastes. Your inspiration for your kitchen should be based on your everyday life. When you plan things out this way, you will get a kitchen as unique as you are!

Open-concept Cottage Kitchens: Get A Taste Of Our Castello Range

We have a brand new range of designer kitchens in Dublin and Kildare. Today we’re taking a look at our breathtaking Washed Ivory ‘Castello’ kitchen style. This kitchen suggestion shows that classic elements of style and modern kitchen design go together beautifully.

Searching For Your Dream Kitchen? Learn About Our German Kitchen Ranges

Searching For Your Dream Kitchen? Learn About Our German Kitchen Ranges. We have kitchen styles to suit everyone's tastes, fitted by our team, with the best Nobillia German designs and high quality, ergonomic appliances.

What You Can Do To Be More Eco Friendly In The Kitchen

There are opportunities in our day to day lives for us to work together to reduce the harmful effects of manmade climate change. If we enact sustainability in our own lives, we can hopefully influence those around us to do the same. One of the first places we can start at is in our kitchen.