Timbercraft Offers High Quality Custom Bathroom Innovations

Timbercraft offers aesthetically pleasing designs that can be individually combined to turn every bathroom into a special place in Kildare and Dublin.

'Industrial Chic' Kitchen Ideas From Timbercraft

At Timbercraft, people are at the heart of everything we do. We have a new range of high quality, designer kitchens this year and today we’re taking a look at 'Industrial Chic'!

Timbercraft Offers Comfort, Luxury and State of the Art Furniture Design

If you're thinking of upgrading your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, we have the know-how and experience to produce exactly what you're looking for. Right now Timbercraft are working closely with customers, remotely designing brand new kitchens and living spaces.

Planning For A New Kitchen? Simplify Things With Our 'Kitchen Checklist'

Everyone’s life is different and so are their tastes. Your inspiration for your kitchen should be based on your everyday life. When you plan things out this way, you will get a kitchen as unique as you are!

Open-concept Cottage Kitchens: Get A Taste Of Our Castello Range

We have a brand new range of designer kitchens in Dublin and Kildare. Today we’re taking a look at our breathtaking Washed Ivory ‘Castello’ kitchen style. This kitchen suggestion shows that classic elements of style and modern kitchen design go together beautifully.

Searching For Your Dream Kitchen? Learn About Our German Kitchen Ranges

Searching For Your Dream Kitchen? Learn About Our German Kitchen Ranges. We have kitchen styles to suit everyone's tastes, fitted by our team, with the best Nobillia German designs and high quality, ergonomic appliances.

What You Can Do To Be More Eco Friendly In The Kitchen

There are opportunities in our day to day lives for us to work together to reduce the harmful effects of manmade climate change. If we enact sustainability in our own lives, we can hopefully influence those around us to do the same. One of the first places we can start at is in our kitchen.

Bring The Spirit Of Nature Into Your Kitchen With These Inspiring Oak Styles

We find that you can bring a sense of life to your home when you incorporate certain styles of oak reproduction into your kitchen. Custom oak reproduction surfaces and cabinetry can provide a welcoming and natural ambience.

In The Mood For Some Modern Cosiness & Sleek Elegance In Your Kitchen?

In The Mood For Some Modern Cosiness & Sleek Elegance In Your Kitchen? Take a look at our breathtaking Alpine White, 'Credo' style kitchen! The custom open shelf upright system, combined with the island and breakfast bar solution, offers an inviting embrace and provides plenty of room for anything you could need.

Get The Most From Home With Our Custom Storage Furniture

There are many unique and beautiful variations you can incorporate and combine into your own home. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what styles speak to you!