Check out our RIVA Kitchen Range & Discover the Fun of Open Plan Kitchens

Today, our kitchens have become the heart of where we live. The line between eating, cooking, socialising and living have blurred for the better. The living room and kitchen are merging together more and more.

Take a Look at Our Customer's New Kitchen!

'Anna listened to our ideas and understood exactly what we were looking for. She brought our ideas to life by providing us with remarkably realistic 3D visuals with various different configurations of colours and designs. The process from design to delivery was a seamless and enjoyable journey. We are over the moon with our new kitchen from Timbercraft.'

Take Part in the NEFF Autumn Promotion with Timbercraft

Now when you purchase four NEFF appliances, you will get a selected NEFF cooling appliance for half-price! Contact Timbercraft today, we would be delighted to discuss this offer with you in further detail.

L-Shaped Kitchens: Timbercraft Layout Ideas

In the past Timbercraft have shun light on the practical benefits of storage space. This week we are looking at classic ‘L-Shaped’ kitchens, which are more popular now than ever before.

Consider Going Grey: Timbercraft Kitchen Ideas

Wishing you could find a nice contrast between modern industrial kitchen design and a welcoming home atmosphere? Consider grey. Some at first might think grey is not the most exciting colour in theory, but in practice the effect is magnificent

Guaranteed Installation Before Christmas

If you order a kitchen with Timbercraft before October 31st, we guarantee that you will have your custom, bespoke kitchen installed by Christmas this year. Contact Timbercraft today, we would be delighted to discuss this with you in further detail.

Plan Out Your Kitchen With Timbercraft

Planning out your dream kitchen can seem like a daunting task. However, we can help make things far easier for you today. There are a list of questions you should ask yourself that, when answered, help you to clarify what it is you are personally looking for.

How To Go Green In Your Kitchen

A hot button issue these days is our impact on the environment. While there are many contributing factors outside of our control, we can actually do quite a lot of good in our own homes. Today Timbercraft is looking at how to make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

Siemens are running a Summer Cashback Promotion on kitchen appliances

As if you needed another reason to choose high-quality kitchen appliances, Timbercraft are delighted to announce a brand new Siemens Cashback promotion which will running until 30.09.2019. As you’re planning out your new kitchen with Timbercraft, Siemens are offering up to €450 cashback on selected appliances.

Get the most out of your Kitchen Space

If your kitchen is not adequately utilising storage, no colour scheme will solve the problem. Today we have a few simple ideas of how you can free up some extra space and make the most of your kitchen storage.