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Steamy Kitchens this Christmas

If you desire to steam your food and not your kitchen, Siemens have the answer!

Thinking of an easy way to steam your Christmas pudding, while retaining all the natural taste? Or perhaps you’re alternatively looking for a way of cooking healthier meals at home? Timbercraft’s appliance partner Siemens offer ground-breaking new technology for kitchens of the future, while maintaining simplicity and usability. When mapping out our custom built German kitchen designs, we are happy to use the high-quality appliances that Siemens have to offer. Siemens deliver both vertical and horizontal built-in ovens and steamers, perfect for the open space modern kitchens of Timbercraft. Products such as the iQ700 Single oven offer a fresh design that makes steaming efficient and simple.

Best Kitchen Ideas 2018

After reviewing kitchen design in 2018, there are two key factors which still remain relevant when planning for kitchens that will stand the test of time; colour and storage. Today’s best kitchens are not just family living spaces, but also great places for entertaining guests and relaxing. As a result, people are now more than ever spending time planning out the way their kitchen will look for both themselves and visitors. Here are two kitchen ideas for you to consider when beginning this process.

Timbercraft – Neff Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to building your custom kitchen, we look to the renowned German brand Neff. Established in 1877, Neff creates appliances that are always pushing the boundaries and being at the forefront of design for highly functional and enjoyable cooking. Neff’s award-winning team is always coming up with great ways we can cook while removing headaches. Their inspiring creativity is beyond compare, which is why Timbercraft are proud to include Neff when we bring your custom design kitchen to life.